Mario Cart Double Dash

Mario cart double dash is one of the best racing games I have played. Between the crazy items and detailed and addicting levels it is one of the most complex games. Also the familiar site of Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Toad, and others automatically gives you a sense of familiarity and cheer of playing.  There are vs. modes, battles, and many grand prix.  Also other than just the fun of racing, you are always “driven” to beat different levels and unlock new characters and faster cars. One thing I especially like about the game is that  the controls are effortless to grasp.

            Although I could see how the game could get tiresome after some time, but the game is always fun and addicting in the first couple of months because it has just the right amount of craziness to grab your attention. This game comes with variety so if you get a little board try something new by switching cars, characters, and levels.

            This is all why I decide to give Mario Cart Double Dash a…

6 out of 10


James Bond 007 Night Fire 

This is one game I have not gotten bored of.  The Story mode of the game is O.K. but gets a little challenging towards the end. But the thing that makes it so great is the multiplayer. The idea of the multiplayer is quite simple but very fun, although while playing you may have to adjust the controls a bit. There are many levels to choose from, and game types from Demolition to King of the hill. Plus the games are very adjustable, for weapon sets, computer players, friendly fire, and other small things that make the games entertaining. I always play this when friends come over and we ALWAYS have a blast playing. (We can sometimes go on for hours playing)

This has got to be one of the best multiplayer games ever, and very addicting. For that I would give this game 10 out of 10. Nevertheless, because of the set backs of the single player mode and often adjusting of controls. So all in all I Rate James Bond 007 Night Fire an

8 out of 10



Batman Begins


                                                                                                           Batman begins is an bold game. This game will keep you interested all the way. The game keeps you thinking. For instance in order to defeat a crowd of thugs you have to think of an awesome way to scare the wits out of them so you have the advantage. In this game you travel all throughout Gotham to save the city. For this game you have to get used to thinking ahead of time. One of the biggest catchy twists of the game is the fact that you must stay in stealth. (Along with the fact of the awesome batman gear and kung-fu moves) This game kept me attached, it was so fun. The story to this game is one of the great things, lets just say you will be surprised by the ending twist.                                                           

            The game is over all a great RPG game that you will definitely love. The game can be a little short, but the amount of fun I had playing it the first time, I didn’t mind playing again. Oh yeah the graphics are great too. So with all of this said I rate this game a …                   

9 out of 10